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Shark Talk: Startups pitch to Silicon Valley

Updated: May 29, 2023

TL;DR Radio show and podcast connecting Global Startups to VCs, Enterprise leaders and Silicon Valley legends

Step into the fast-paced world of SharkTalk, the captivating radio show that brings together the brightest minds from Silicon Valley's venture capital scene and esteemed enterprise leaders. Join us as we dive deep into the exciting realm of startups, where global entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions to VCs and Enterprise leaders from Silicon Valley

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur seeking inspiration, an investor scouting for the next big thing, or simply a curious listener eager to learn from industry titans, SharkTalk is the show for you. Brace yourself for gripping conversations, exhilarating pitches, and a wealth of entrepreneurial wisdom — all in one captivating radio show that is guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

Shark Teardowns

Listen intently as the leaders, armed with their extensive knowledge and keen business acumen, dissect each pitch, providing valuable feedback, and offering insights that could make or break a budding venture. Listen to the battle between risk and reward, as the sharks deliberate, considering the potential for exponential growth, disruptive technology, and the promise of untapped markets.

Tune into Radio Zindagi 1540 AM

Tune in to SharkTalk, where the sharks are listening, the entrepreneurs are pitching, and the future of innovation hangs in the balance.

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